Welcome to Priestess-by-the-Sea

  • Where Women’s Spirituality Connects with Divine Flow    Women’s Circles
  • Within Sacred Circles, Women Dive into the Deeps  Authentic Sharing
  • Energetic Waves of Sound Create the Rhythm of Life  Sound Healing
  • Stillness is the Open Channel to Self Knowledge  Mindful Meditation
  • Remembering the Ancestral Lineage is the Key to Legacy  Drum Journeys

Priestess-by-the-Sea is…

We + Me + You + I + All = One Woman

We Flow with the Tide, Rise with the Moon, Set with the Sun,
and journey courageously in rhythm and unity, together sharing our full expression of Self.

Marilyn is the Priestess-by-the-Sea
Come … Walk with Her

Women Flow with the Rising Tide where ideas and dreams grow,
Activate in High Tide where we use the energy of the moon to bring our dreams into Being,
Release with the Falling Tide letting go and honoring our lessons,
and, Open to the Stillness of the Low Tide where birthing begins again.

When we allow the rhythms of the natural elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Spirit to unify our mind, body, and soul, we are in full divine essence and aligned with the universal flow.

Let’s dip our toes in the water together … dive into the deeps … rise as sovereign to ourselves and our planet.

Priestess-by-the-Sea raises the vibration and shares the secrets. We provide women the space and sacred gatherings to feed their souls, lift their spirits, calm their minds, ignite their passions, and activate their individual life’s mission.

Are you Called to Embrace the Mystery?
Are you Ready to Create Sacred Space?
Are you Ready to Show Up Where the Energy Pulls at Your Heart?

You are INVITED to browse Priestess-by-the-Sea’s Offerings and Events…Discover Your Sanctuary…
Dip into the Current of the Divine Feminine … Ride the Wave with Us When You are Ready.

Embracing Women's Spirituality