Hi .. I’m Marilyn

I live within the Atlantic Ocean First Coast community.

I embrace the Archetype of the Priestess in

Stillness, Silence, and Centered Presence.

I am called ‘Priestess-by-the-Sea’ – a Modern Day Priestess

Thank you for finding me on your path to discovery.  

I’m an Alchemical Creation High Priestess in the Magdalene Lineage.  I am devoted to creating space for women to gather, to be witnessed, to be supported, and to uncover the full, juicy, potent essence awaiting their hearts and lives. 

I am in service to the divine energies both virtually and in person.

I am a Light Lifter

A Sacred Space Holder

A Sound & Energy Practitioner

A Gifted Guide for Spiritual Evolution

A Holder and Guardian of the Keys to the Female Mysteries 


I lift and hold the light for your solo journey within the sacred space of women’s circles; I create gatherings to allow the bearing of witness for women; I am the channel for sound and energy healing to be received by women seeking solace, serenity, and spiritual healing; and I guide each woman on their solo journey to full divine connection and presence.

Using Crystals, Sound & Energy Healing, Crystalline Consciousness Techniques, Sacred Circle and more … we connect – in circle and together – into our own magical, mystical selves. 

There is no better place to be … than together in circle!


  • Where Women’s Spirituality Connects with Divine Flow    Women’s Circles
  • Within Sacred Circles, Women Dive into the Deeps  Authentic Sharing
  • Energetic Waves of Sound Create the Rhythm of Life  Sound Healing
  • Stillness is the Open Channel to Self Knowledge  Mindful Crystalline Meditation
  • Remembering the Ancestral Lineage is the Key to Legacy  Drum Journeys

Priestess-by-the-Sea is…

You and Me

One Woman, One Priestess

Come … Walk with Me

Priestess-by-the-Sea raises the vibration and shares the secrets.

We provide women the space and sacred gatherings to feed their souls, lift their spirits, calm their minds, ignite their passions,

and activate their individual life’s mission.

Let’s dip our toes in the water together … dive into the deeps … rise as sovereign to ourselves and our planet.


Marilyn Wilson …. Your Priestess~by~the~Sea …. Marilyn@MarilynAsheWilson.com … Serving Florida’s First Coast … In Person / Virtually / Group / Events … By Appointment or RSVP

Embracing Women's Spirituality