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Women's Sacred Circles in Jacksonville, Florida

Women’s Sacred Circles

Gather in transformational witness and sacred circle and experience the trusting bond of sisterhood. Mark the seasonal cycles and passages to self-discovery. Together we consciously create a resonant field of energy so we may open and used focused intention to serve our evolutionary process.  Embrace community – Release isolation.

Sound and Energy Healing in Jacksonville, Florida

Sound and Energy Healing

Crystal and brass singing bowls connect and balance us with the universal frequency of oneness and unity as we reset our inner rhythms. Yoga Nidra, Mindful Meditation, and Reiki is woven into individual and group sessions.

drum circles in Jacksonville

Sacred Drum Medicine

Music is Medicine! One circle, One pulse, One heartbeat. Discover your own personal rhythm and participate in whole body health and wellness. Connect in the joyful noise of community drumming and journey drumming.

Labyrinth Walk in Jacksonville

Dakini Labyrinth Walk Guide

Ancient, symbolic, and ceremonial the labyrinth moon walks provide a sense of calm when crossing the thresholds in life’s turning points. Drink in deeply from the well of knowing.

Sky dance with the Dakinis!

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Crystalline Consciousness Technique

Connect to the universal crystalline energies and relieve the electro-magnetic shield so that you live at a higher vibration.  Find out more and message me for a Transformative Healing Session.

Embracing Women's Spirituality